Raising Mama celebrates the power, beauty and grace of motherhood. In the throes of postpartum, Raising Mama’s creator, Megan, felt the unique challenges of motherhood were overlooked by the very brands that should be supporting mothers. Megan’s transformative postpartum experience inspired her to design pajamas that are buttery soft, safe and practical for babies while boosting a mother’s morale with magical, modern prints. Our infant sleepwear brand was born to pay homage to the hands that do the changing. We raise awareness about postpartum depression/anxiety and give back to foundations with the same crucial mission.

I am filled with gratitude and inspiration from the Raising Mama community we have created on our journey. I feel blessed that mothers have chosen Raising Mama to play a role in their children's cherished years of development. With dedication, perseverance, and the support of loved ones, even the smallest dreams can transform into reality. We're in this together.

With love,


Owner of Raising Mama