Peace of Mind in Your Postpartum Journey

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Raising Mama is dedicated to helping you fully embrace those early, irreplaceable moments with your newborn.

After facing the intense fatigue and overwhelming emotions of postpartum, Megan realized the beauty of her time with her baby was eclipsed by unforeseen challenges. Juggling a demanding career and the mental load of new motherhood, Megan felt compelled to equip women to navigate postpartum, allowing them to relish every ounce of joy. Understanding the deep roots of these challenges, and the peace of mind that Raising Mama offers, the Village was born. We invite you into our community, where we uplift new mothers, amplify postpartum depression/anxiety awareness, and support foundations aligned with our vital mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need to Prepare for Postpartum?

Preparing for the postpartum period is essential for managing both physical and emotional changes, from bodily recovery to potential mood fluctuations. Being well-prepared can help you navigate the challenges more smoothly, allowing you to focus more on bonding with your newborn and less on unexpected difficulties.

How Long Does Postpartum Last?

The postpartum period commences immediately after childbirth and typically lasts for about six weeks. However, many moms feel that the first 1-2 years encompass postpartum.

How Quickly Will I Receive The ULTIMATE Postpartum Preparation Guide Download?

The guide will be instantly delivered to your email upon clicking the "Download" button, allowing for immediate access.

What Will My Email Address Be Used For?

Your email address will be used to provide you with tailored resources and announcements for upcoming postpartum courses. Our communication is designed to support you, not to spam your inbox.

Are Raising Mama’s Resources Backed by Professionals?

Yes, the information and resources provided are curated with input from healthcare professionals, including doctors, psychologists, and lactation consultants to ensure they are accurate, reliable, and supportive.

How is My Personal Information Handled?

We take privacy seriously. Your personal information is used exclusively for sending you relevant resources and information. It will never be shared with third parties and is stored securely.